GS-320-DIN is an Ethernet A/B protection switch that provides 1+1 automatic ethernet network protection between primary and standby Ethernet/IP/MPLS networks.

It monitors the active and standby links in real-time and initiates switching based on user configurable parameters. GS-320-DIN also allows manual switching of networks through TCP/IP links remotely as well as locally through its USB serial console. Line characteristics and link states can be viewed locally and remotely to monitor network status.

The GS-320-DIN never becomes a point of failure even in power down condition, to ensure 99.99% up-time.


Compact Design

Small physical foot print

DIN Rail Mountable

DIN rail mounting bracket for versatile deployment.


Never becomes a point of failure (even when powered-down)

Fully User Configurable

User configurable link switching parameters

Real-time Clock with NTP Client

Real-time logging maintains a history of all events

Password Controlled Access

Maintain logs of access to the system

Local / Remote Access

Local Serial Port & Remote access through SSH / TELNET

Script Initiated Switching

Automatically initiates switching upon the receipt of scripted trap


  • Fail-Safe. Never becomes a point of failure. Automatically reverts to and reconnects the “primary network” / even in a power down condition.
  • User configurable link test parameters.
  • User configurable switching parameters.
  • Built-in real-time clock / real-time logging maintains a history of all events.
  • Serial Management Interface (USB) for local access.
  • Remote access over TCP-IP networks. Allows the user to access and carry out maintenance, and switch the links remotely if required
  • Password Controlled Access. Maintains a complete log of all logins.
  • Script Assisted Switching. Automatically initiates switching upon the receipt of the scripted message / SNMP Trap.
  • The data connection through the GS-320 between the local area network and the WAN is completely transparent. The GS-320-DIN is a failover switch and does not provide any data routing between its data ingress and data egress ports.


  • Enhances network availability and reliability.
  • Eliminates network downtime by automatically / seamlessly
  • Switch to the "backup” / “standby" network in the event of the complete and total failure of the primary/ active IP network.
  • Disaster Recovery. To provide automatic failover protection in mission critical applications requiring minimum downtime.
  • To switch between and automatically re-route IP traffic to the “standby” network upon the failure of the “primary” transmission network.
  • GS-320-DIN may be used to provide automatic fail-over protection and switching across diverse IP domains such as fiber-radio; or fiber-satellite; or fiber-PSDN (public switched data network).
  • Automatic Link Test Feature. Concurrently tests both “active” and “standby” IP links, for “end-to-end” network availability.
  • Alerts the user upon the failure of any one of the two “active”/ “primary”, or "secondary” / “standby" IP transmission network.

Technical Specifications:

Equipment Interfaces:

Number of Ethernet Ports 4
Type RJ-45
Interfaces (1) 10/100 Ethernet Interface: Primary Network
(1) 10/100 Ethernet Interface: Standby Network
(1) 10/100 Ethernet Interface: Protected Port
(1) 10/100 Ethernet Interface: Management
Guaranteed Maximum Data Throughput 100Mbps
Conformity IEEE-802.3

Serial Management

  • USB Type B

Remote Management and Monitoring:

  • SSH
  • Telnet

Security and Protection:

  • Password Protection with password strength monitor


Form Factor DIN Rail Mount

Power Supply Specifications:

Input DC voltage 12V DC (nominal)
Input voltage reversal protection Present
Short circuit protection Present

External DIN Mount Power Supply Options:

AC Input 100V~240V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz. Voltage
DC Input 110 VDC ~ 220V DC
48V DC

External Adapter Power Supply Option:

AC Input 100V~240V AC, 50Hz / 60Hz. Voltage

Power Consumption:

  • < 10W at ambient (steady state 24°C)

Environmental (Equipment):

Operational: -10C to +65C (Typical: +25C)
Cold start 0C
Storage -20C to +70C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Cooling Passive Cooling. Convection Cooled.

MTBF and Equipment MTBF:

  • Per MIL-HDBK-217F: ≥ 37 years @ 24C
  • Per Telcordia SSR 332, Issue 1: ≥ 42 years @ 24C


  • EMC FCC Part 15 Class 2
  • Operation ETS 300 019 Class 3.2
  • Storage ETS 300 019 Class 1.2
  • Transportation ETS 300 019 Class


Data Sheet (PDF)