GS-320 Family provides 1+1 Automatic Ethernet link Failover Protection between Primary and Standby Ethernet/IP/MPLS links and terminal equipment such as switches, gateways, servers and RTUs. The GS-320 Family of devices can be used to provide equipment and network redundancy for applications which require 99.99% up-time. The GS-320 devices automatically switch to the “standby” equipment / network in the event of failure of the “primary” equipment / network, and vice-versa, to ensure that network up-time requirements are always being met. The GS-320 Family of switches eliminate the need to reroute cables manually in the event of a failure of the connected equipment.

It ensures fallback to the working ethernet link by monitoring and automatically switching between standby and primary ethernet links. The GS-320 family supports manual switching, remote switching and script based switching for added control over your ethernet links. The fail-safe operation of the GS-320 family of ethernet link protection switches ensure network uptime even in power-down condition.


19" Rackmount

Ethernet Failover
  • Gigabit Network Protection Switch
  • Never Becomes a Point of Failure
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
  • Programmable Switching Parameters
  • Industrial Grade Hardware
  • Remote Management
  • Touch Button Manual Switching



Ethernet Failover
  • Network Protection Switch
  • Never Becomes a Point of Failure
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
  • Programmable Switching Parameters
  • DIN Mountable Aluminum Chassis
  • Remote Management
  • Compact Design


Unified Network Management System

Manage and monitor multiple GIS devices, all from a single interface accessible anywhere on the network

  • Provision new devices within minutes
  • Access and manage using a PC, tablet or a smartphone
  • No need to install software on multiple machines
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