The IR-300, NTP to IRIG-B Converter provides time synchronization to terminal equipment which requires precise time synchronization through an IRIG-B interface using an NTP time source. The DIN rail chassis is ideal for deployment where space is at a premium and for installations where it is not possible to install external GPS antennas.

The IR-300 NTP to IRIG-B Converter allows the user to assign up to 3 NTP Servers for redundant time synchronization. It selects the best available NTP Server based on criteria such as stratum level, jitter and wander, which ensures that the terminal equipment always remains synchronized to the best available time source.

NTP to IRIG-B converter with 4 x IRIG-B outputs

The IR-300 also helps isolate the terminal equipment from the perils of hacking and unlawful intrusions that are possible on an IP network. It is available in 3 types of IRIG-B interface options which include 50 Ohm BNC connectors, RS232 twisted pair and RS422/RS485 5V/3V differential output (full duplex).

Our IR-300 is available in a small form factor DIN Rail chassis.


Redundant NTP Servers

Upto 3 reference input NTP servers

Multiple IRIG-B Outputs

4 IRIG-B outputs (BNC, RS232/RS485 5V/3V differential pair)

Secure Remote Access

Remote access over SSH / Telnet

User Configurable IRIG-B Format

Supported Formats: B000 / B002 / B003 / B004

Power Supply Options

100 to 240V AC, 110~220V DC, 48V DC

Supported Protocols

NTPv3/4, IPv4, TIME (RFC 868)


  • Synchronized to a Reference input a maximum of 3 NTP servers
  • Provides 4 Unmodulated IRIG-B outputs (BNC, RS232/RS485 5V/3V differential pair)
  • Built-in real-time clock / real-time logging maintains a history of all events
  • Serial Management Interface (USB) for local access
  • Remote access over TCP-IP networks through SSH / Telnet. Allows the user to access and carry out maintenance remotely
  • Password Controlled Access. Maintains a complete log of all logins.


The NTP to IRIG-B converter is a substation hardened design available in a small form factor, compact DIN Rail / desktop chassis.

Technical Specifications

NTP Input Interface:
NTP Input Ports 1
Interface Type 10/100BaseT
Interface RJ-45
Network Time Protocol:
  • NTP v3/v4
  • Internet Protocol: IPv4
  • Time Protocol: TIME (RFC 868)
IRIG-B output:
Number of Output Ports 4
Interface Type Unmodulated, DCLS signal, No Carrier
Interface Options BNC - 50 Ohms
RS-485 / RS-422 / RS-232 / Differential Pair (5V/3V)
IRIG-B Timecode Support:
IRIG B000 100pps, DCLS signal, no carrier, BCD (Time of Year), CF, SBS
IRIG B002 100pps, DCLS signal, no carrier BCD (Time of Year)
IRIG B003 100pps, DCLS signal, no carrier BCD (Time of Year), SBS
IRIG B004 100pps, DCLS signal, no carrier CF, SBS
Power Supply Options:
AC Input 100V ~ 240V AC
DC Input 48V DC
110 ~ 220V DC
Power Consumption:
  • < 10W at ambient (steady state 24°C)
  • EMC FCC Part 15 Class 2
  • Operation ETS 300 019 Class 3.2
  • Storage ETS 300 019 Class 1.2
  • Transportation ETS 300 019 Class


NTP to IRIG-B Converter Application Diagram
Application diagram showing the IR-300 NTP client port synchronized to an NTP Server and 4 x IRIG-B outputs synchronized to NTP timecode

NTP to IRIG-B Converter Application Video


Data Sheet (PDF)