The IR-301, IEEE-1588v2 PTP to IRIG-B / 1PPS-NMEA Converter provides precise time synchronization to legacy equipment using PTP to provide 1PPS / IRIG-B and NMEA outputs. The IR-301 is a high precision time and frequency synchronization solution which uses a IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster as its time source to provide IRIG-B / 1PPS outputs with nanosecond accuracy.

PTP to IRIG-B converter

It has been engineered to provide extremely reliable time and frequency synchronization which can be used by power generation utilities, mobile telecom networks, aviation industry, defense and other applications where high precision timestamping is required. The IR301 makes use of Best Master Clock Algorithm, which allows the user to seamlessly install the equipment in a redundant PTP Grandmaster network. It is available in a DIN rail chassis.


1 x PTP Input

Gigabit Ethernet Slave Port

4 X IRIG-B / 4 X 1 PPS + NMEA outputs

4 X BNC Output + 4 X RJ-45 Output

Remote Access Option

Remote access over Telnet

User Selectable Output

Optional between 1PPS and IRIG-B

Power Supply Options

100 to 240V AC, 110~220V DC, 48V DC

Supported Protocols

PTPv2, IPv4, TIME (RFC 868)


  • BMCA (Best Master Clock Algorithm) - allows the unit to be installed in a redundant PTP Grandmaster network 1 PPS / IRIG-B outputs
  • Nanosecond accuracy
  • Standard RJ45 and BNC connectors for all inputs and outputs
  • ToD compliant to NMEA 0183 (RJ45 Port)
  • Reliable, Cost-Efficient Reference


The PTP to IRIG-B converter is a substation hardened design available in a small form factor, compact DIN Rail / desktop chassis

Technical Specifications

Standard Frequency and ToD Input Outputs:

Input Type IEEE-1588v2 (PTP) : RJ-45
Output Type 4 X 1 PPS or 4 X IRIG-B* (User Selectable) Synchronized to PTP Grandmaster: BNC
4 X TOD (Time-Of-Day) output compliant to NMEA0183 : RJ-45

*IRIG-B format: B004

Management and Monitoring Ports:

  • USB
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet
  • 1 x External Alarm Relay Contact

System Access, Control and Management Options:

  • Telnet
  • CLI Control Interface (HyperTerminal or VT100)
  • SNMP V2 Traps (MIB File provided)
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) - Runs on any PC operating on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 OS

Security and Protection:

  • Password Protection
  • Secure boot


Operational -20°C to +60°C (Typical: +25°C)
Cold Start -10°C to +60°C
Storage -40°C to +75°C
Humidity 95% non-condensing
Cooling Convention Cooled
No cooling fans are required

Mechanical Specifications:

Height 73 mm.
Depth 190 mm.
Width 190 mm.
Weight 1.0 kg.

Power Supply Options:

  • AC power - 100 to 240V AC, 50/60 Hz (With External Adapter)
  • DC Power - 110~220V DC (With External Adapter)
  • DC Power - 48V DC
  • DC Power - 24V DC

Power Consumption:

  • < 10W at ambient (steady state 24°C)


  • EMC FCC Part 15 Class 2
  • Operation ETS 300 019 Class 3.2
  • Storage ETS 300 019 Class 1.2
  • Transportation ETS 300 019 Class

Ordering Information

IR-301 IR-301, PTP to IRIG-B Converter
DIN Rail Mount,
- Synchronizes to PTP Grandmaster to provide 1PPS, NMEA, IRIG-B Outputs - Management: SNMP, Telnet (RJ45 (F) Port), Serial Port (USB), EMS, Graphical User Interface (GUI) - Installation Kit: System Core Cables, Mounting Hardware, Documentation, User Manual
* Add Power Supply Options


NTP to IRIG-B Converter Application Diagram
Application diagram showing 1xPTP Slave port synchronized to a PTP Grandmaster and 4 x IRIG-B outputs and 4 x 1PPS or NMEA outputs

NTP to IRIG-B Converter Application Video


Data Sheet (PDF)