Global IntelliPower Systems Inc., a Canadian corporation, offers various network solutions such as ethernet failover switches, data security and GPS based precision time & frequency synchronization products. We provide highly reliable products for small and large business enterprises, government and research organizations, power utilities and banks.

Global IntelliPower Systems is affiliated with Valiant Communications who have expertise in various technologies since the past 25 years, and a footprint in over 100 countries. Along with customized products designed to customer specifications, Global IntelliPower Systems is equipped to provide value-added services to the North American market.

Our ever-growing product line currently includes the GS range of automatic ethernet failovers for providing network redundancy and ensuring continuous connectivity of critical infrastructure on ethernet networks.

Our time synchronization product lineup range from the GP-4100 PTP Grandmaster, a high precision 1+1 GPS receiver that can distribute time in the form of NMEA, 1PPS, IRIG-B, NTP and PTP along with ITUT-G.811 compliant frequency output references. The GPS synchronization product range being offered by us also includes the GP-1000 DIN Rail Mount NTP Server; and GP-1100, a 19-inch high bandwidth NTP server which can serve thousands of requests per second.

In addition to products, our engineering team also offers user-specific services in the field of IEC61850 substation automation domain. We also provide network security analysis and solutions based on such analysis. Yet another sector of our specialized services includes network time and frequency synchronization audit and analysis.