Our Range of Products

The IR series has been designed to convert NTP / PTP time protocols into IRIG-B time codes required by the legacy equipment for accurate timestamping.

IR-300, NTP to IRIG-B Converter
The IR-300, NTP to IRIG-B Converter provides time synchronization to terminal equipment which requires precise time synchronization through an IRIG-B interface using an NTP time source. The DIN rail chassis is ideal for deployment where space is at a premium and for installations where it is not possible to install external GPS antennas.
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IR-301, PTP to IRIG-B / 1PPS + NMEA Converter
The IR-301, IEEE-1588v2 PTP to IRIG-B / 1PPS-NMEA Converter provides precise time synchronization to legacy equipment using PTP to provide 1PPS / IRIG-B and NMEA outputs. The IR-301 is a high precision time and frequency synchronization solution which uses an IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster as its time source to provide IRIG-B / 1PPS outputs with nanosecond accuracy.
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IR-276, NTP to IRIG-B Converter (NTP-Client)
The IR-276, NTP to IRIG-B Converter is designed to provide up to 16 customized IRIG-B outputs including 1PPS and NMEA-0183. The IR-276 is synchronized from a NTP Server and functions as a NTP Client with multiple interface option. Our solution simultaneously supports IRIG-B (Mudulated / Unmodulated), NMEA 0183, 1PPS, and optical 1PPS port.
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The GS-320 family provides 1+1 automatic Ethernet link failover protection between primary and standby Ethernet / IP / MPLS links and terminal equipment such as switches, gateways, servers and RTUs. The GS-320 devices can be used to provide equipment and network redundancy for applications which require 99.99% up-time.

GS-320-GE, Gigabit Network Protection Switch (Smart A/B Switch with Automatic Failover)
GS-320 is an ethernet protection switch that provides 1+1 automatic ethernet network protection between "primary” and "standby" Ethernet/IP/MPLS networks. It substitutes an ethernet A/B switch by automatically switching between "primary" and "standby" networks by actively (non-intrusively) monitoring both ethernet links. GS-320 also supports manual switching using the front panel mounted touch buttons, TCP/IP based remote switching and script initiated switching. Network switching can also be initiated using dry-contact trigger inputs.
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GS-320-DIN, 1+1 Failover Protection Switch
GS-320-DIN is an ethernet protection switch that provides 1+1 automatic ethernet failover protection between "primary” and "standby" terminals such as Servers, Switches and RTUs. It monitors the active and standby terminal units in real-time and initiates switching based on user configurable parameters. The GS-320 never becomes a point of failure even in power down condition, to ensure 99.99% up-time.
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Our Time Synchronization Series consists of high precision time and frequency synchronization solutions that provide 1 PPS and can be used to synchronize the time-of-day and frequency across all nodes of the network from a GPS / GNSS referenced source. The products support an integrated, high bandwidth NTP Server engine.

GP-4100 is a high-performance, high-reliability GPS Primary Reference Clock and IEEE-1588v2 PTP Grandmaster that provides ITU-T G.811 Primary Synchronization Frequency References which are locked to a user selected Satellite source.
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GP-1100, PTP IEEE-1588v2 Grandmaster with NTP SERVER is designed to provide PTP, NTP and ITU-T G.811 Primary Reference Clock that is locked to a GPS / GNSS Reference to provide time synchronization to private networks such as Railways and Metro (ticketing and platform) networks, Airports and Air-Traffic Control facilities, Electric Sub-Stations, Power Distribution and Transmission companies,
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GP-1000, DIN Mount compact NTP Server is a robust and compact device designed to serve NTP clients in a network and provide accurate GPS synchronized timecode to legacy devices over its modulated and unmodulated IRIG-B outputs.
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Our Teleprotection series has been developed for providing extremely high reliability, security and speed to safeguard power transformers and high-voltage transmission infrastructure against abnormal conditions which can damage such costly equipment permanently.

Teleprotection Goose over IP/MPLS
Our IEC-61850 GOOSE over IP / MPLS Teleprotection Equipment is a compact, 19-inch rack mountable equipment that is designed to serve the IEC-61850 compliant “Digital Substations” to provide “Distance Protection” over IP / MPLS links using IEC-61850 GOOSE messages instead of “binary” commands.
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Teleprotection with IEC-61850 GOOSE Interface over E1 Interface
Teleprotection with IEC-61850 GOOSE interface over C37.94 (Optical) / E1 interface is an extremely reliable and flexible product that is available with 1+1 Link Redundancy (E1 + C37.94) or (C37.94 + C37.94), 1+1 Power Supply and 8, Digital Trip Counter Display Panel with 8 user configurable External Relay Alarm extensions.
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Teleprotection over IP/MPLS
Teleprotection over IP/MPLS – 10/100BaseT (Electrical) or 100BaseFX (Optical) Ethernet Interface incorporates the same level of “reliability” and “dependability” that the users have come to expect of the C37.94 based communication interface.
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