Idea to Delivery

We take concept and do the rest, so you don’t have to, and deliver the final product. We take the concept through the entire product development cycle right from the hardware design, software design and prototyping through extensive testing to the finished product ready for delivery. We provide extensive customer support and product training for smooth delivery and transition.

Our dedicated hardware team is determined to design cost-effective and reliable hardware. Our team has extensive experience designing high-density, high-speed, complex circuit boards. We create schematics for projects, do PCB layouts, and manufacture PCBs. We also validate the hardware through extensive testing procedures.

We provide complete software design services for customized user applications for Embedded Linux, FPGA and real time operating systems. We tailor-make the software to be compatible with custom hardware for a seamless user experience. We develop customized application software to meet the user’s needs. We also develop other software features based on the user’s specification.

We seamlessly integrate the hardware and software design an develop fully functional prototypes which includes the mechanical designing of the products.

We test all of our designs thoroughly so there is no error when the finished product is deployed in the field. We conduct black-box testing, white-box testing, unit tests on software, and stress testing to make everything we design fault-proof and error-free. We conduct extensive code analysis for security vulnerabilities to make our design ultra-secure and cyber-attack resistant. We also conduct performance analysis so even under load, our designs perform optimally.

We deliver the final working product along with fully functional prototypes, ready for the market. Our extended support ensures that any query about the design is quickly resolved. Extensive documentation about the Software and Hardware and Product design ensures a smooth delivery process.

Specialized Services