Our IEC-61850 GOOSE over IP / MPLS Teleprotection Equipment is a compact, 19-inch rack mountable equipment that is designed to serve the IEC-61850 compliant “Digital Substations” to provide “Distance Protection” over IP / MPLS links using IEC-61850 GOOSE messages instead of “binary” commands.

IEC-61850 GOOSE over IP / MPLS Teleprotection Equipment incorporates the same level of “reliability” and “dependability” that the users have come to expect of the C37.94 based communication interface. Additionally, our IP / MPLS Teleprotection Equipment provides un-paralleled security, speed as well as all the advantages of an IEC-61850 GOOSE based system operating in a “Digital Sub-station” environment.

Our GOOSE over IP Teleprotection Equipment is an extremely fast and reliable “Distance Protection” device that offers up to 4, 2-way independent command channels which can be operated severally, or collectively over an IP / MPLS / Ethernet network with an extremely high degree of reliability and security. Additional features such as “Encryption” and “Firewall” have been incorporated to guard against any possibility of “cyber-attacks”, making the equipment a best-in-class device.



Input and IP Output

Fast Command Propagation

< 2ms command transfer time

Rugged Construction

Sub-station grade aluminum construction

Dual Protection

Option of Dual Protection Scheme

1U High

1U 19" Rack Mount

Electrical / Optical

Electrical (10/100BaseT) / Optical (100BaseFX) Distance Protection Interface


  • Unrivalled Speed, Security and Reliability
  • Compact, standard 19-Inch Rack-mountable, 1U high chassis
  • Bi-directional Transmission of 4 command Inputs and 4 command outputs
  • Full Duplex Operation, Automatic loop test facility
  • Compliant with IEC 60834-1 standards
  • IEC 61850 GOOSE (Optical MM / SM; or RJ45 Electrical) support. PSCH.1 Distance Protection Scheme as per IEC-61850
  • Available with 24V DC, 48V DC, 110V DC, 220V DC, 250V DC, 110V AC and 220V AC and 1+1 Redundant Power Supply options.

Technical Specifications

Network Interface:

  • 1 x 10/100BaseT, RJ45, IEC-61850-3 Compliant Port

Sub-Station Interface:

  • 1 x 10/100BaseT, RJ45, IEC-61850-3 Compliant Port
  • 1 x 100BaseFX, Optical (SFP)

Management and Monitoring:

  • RS232 serial, USB serial interfaces for local terminal access
  • 10/100BaseT Ethernet Interface for remote access over an IP network
  • Encrypted Password Protection
  • Telnet - Remote access over IP links
  • SSH - Secured remote access using Secure Shell Protocol over IP links
  • IEC-61850 Compliant NMS, or SNMP Traps for real time remote monitoring over an Ethernet / IP network
  • Visual I/O status – LED Display
  • Dry contact external alarm relay to connect an external alarm on an annunciator panel, which can be wired up for either NO or NC condition.


  • Less than 1ms command transfer time without “encryption”
  • Less than 3ms command transfer time with “encryption”

Reliability and Security:

  • Advanced Communication Protocol to ensure reliable transmission of commands
  • Built-In Firewall
  • Encrypted Transmission – User selectable option

Error Detection and Coding:

  • Line Code Violation Detection
  • Check-sum Verification – To determine integrity of all commands
  • LOS Detection

Time Clock and Time Synchronization:

  • Built-in real time clock (RTC) with >1 year battery backup in power down mode
  • >10 year battery life in powered up (trickle charge) mode
  • NTP Time synchronization option
  • IEEE-1588v2 PTP Time synchronization option.

Configuration and Access Command Language:

  • Command Line Interface (English text commands).

Teleprotection Standards and Compliances:

  • IEC 60834-1 (Teleprotection Command Systems)

Power Supply Options:

  • 24V DC, range 18V DC ~ 32V DC
  • 48V DC, range 36V DC ~ 70V DC
  • 110V DC / 125V DC, range 80V DC ~ 140V DC
  • 220V DC / 250V DC, range 80V DC ~ 300V DC
  • 110V AC / 220V AC, range 80V AC ~ 264V AC
  • Voltage Withstand: Meets and exceeds IEC 834-1 and IEC 255 requirements
  • Dual / redundant power supply inputs and power supplies are also offered as an option
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse power input protection

Power Consumption:

  • < 9 Watts.


Data Sheet (PDF)