• Ethernet Failover Switches, Automatic Ethernet Switching
    Failover Switches
    Automatic Ethernet Switching
    99.999% Network Up-time
    For mission critical deployment
  • Firewall and Data Encryption, High Security Data Communication
    Firewall &
    Data Encryption
    High Security Data Communication
    Enhanced Network Protection
  • GPS primary reference clock, High Precision Time Synchronization
    PTP Grandmaster
    & NTP Servers
    High Precision Time Synchronization
    OCXO and Rubidium Holdover options
    Dual Redundant GPS Receivers
  • Hardware Design, Embedded Software Design and Development, Testing and Validation
    Hardware Design
    Embedded Software Design and Development
    Testing and Validation
    FPGA Development
  • IEC61850 Consulting, Network Synchronization Analysis, Network Security Solutions

Our Products

Ethernet Failover Switch

Ethernet Failover Switch

Provides 1+1 Automatic Ethernet Failover Protection between two (Main and Standby) RTUs, Servers, Routers, Switches and IP Networks.

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GPS / GNSS NTP Servers

GPS NTP Server and
IEEE 1588v2 PTP Grandmaster

NTP Server & Primary Reference Clock (G.811) with IEEE-1588v2 PTP (Precision Time Protocol) high precision, time & frequency synchronization solution.

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Data Encryption and Firewall Equipment

Data Encryption and Firewall Equipment

Integrated router, firewall and data encryption equipment with advanced features to secure critical infrastructure with built-in DDoS resilience.

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Teleprotection Equipment

Provides 4/8 bi-directional command / trip channels which can be interfaced over an IP/MPLS network, or with IEC-61850 GOOSE protocol (relays) over an IP or E1 interface

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NTP / PTP to IRIG-B Converter

Provides precise time synchronization by converting time protocols (NTP and PTP) to legacy timecodes like IRIG-B

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Product Design

Idea to Delivery

We provide start to finish product design and engineering services. Our state of the art methods and innovative ideas guarantee software and hardware design quality. Our experienced hardware and software team of engineers ensure that the finished product is of the highest standard.

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Hardware Design

Schematic Design, PCB Layout and Hardware Validation including PCB assembly and prototyping

Embedded Software Design and Development

Embedded Linux Applications, Microcontroller/Microprocessor Software Design (RTOS) , FPGA Design

Testing and Validation

Software and Hardware Testing and specification validation


Software performance analysis and review. Security Analysis

Specialized Services

Network Synchronization Analysis

We offer in-depth analysis of network timing synchronization needs.

Network Security

We offer network analysis for possible vulnerabilities and provide solutions to make a network secure.

IEC 61850

IEC 61850 consulting services IEC 61850 consulting services IEC 61850 consulting services