The SR-210 Smart Rack Management and Control unit transforms your ordinary equipment racks into cutting-edge "Smart-Racks" for ultimate efficiency and convenience. With remote monitoring capabilities through an NMS (Network Management System), you'll have complete control at your fingertips.

Enjoy hassle-free temperature regulation with automatic fan and cooling unit control, tailored to your desired settings. Monitor up to three temperature zones to ensure top-notch cooling performance. The unit also offers four binary inputs to detect relay status and two potential inputs for essential alarms, alerting you to any equipment issues instantly.

SR-210: Smart Rack Unit

Experience unmatched power conservation and fan lifespan extension with selective fan shutdown. Say goodbye to unexpected fan failures, as the SR-210 predicts and warns you in advance. Stay ahead with real-time alerts through logic, audio, or visual alarms and Ethernet messages to your remote PC.

Sync your unit with external NTP servers for precise timekeeping and periodically test and prime fans for peak performance. Enhance your equipment rack's efficiency and maximize equipment lifespan with the SR-210 Smart-Rack Management and Fan Control Unit!


Temperature zones

Monitors up to 3 temperature zones

Energy Efficient

Switching ON or OFF racks cooling fans automatically


2 x potential inputs


4 x binary inputs for dry contact relays


Centralized access


Provides Real-time Alarm and Event Logging


  • Provides 3 separate temperature sensors to monitor up to three temperature zones within the rack.
  • Monitors up to 4 dry-contact relay inputs.
  • Monitors up to 2 potential inputs.
  • Daily Automatic Fan Test and Priming Routine.
  • Provides Real-time Alarm and Event Logging.
  • Maintains ambient rack temperature. Extends equipment life.

Technical Specifications

Local / Remote Communication and Control Ports:
  • Serial Management Port - USB Port.
  • 10/100 BaseT for remote management.
Security and Protection:
  • Crypto Authenticated Hardware and Firmware protects the hardware and firmware from being cloned.)
Local / Remote Management and Monitoring Options:
  • Telnet
  • CLI Control Interface (HyperTerminal or VT100)
  • MQTT Communication with NMS allows scaling of the management system to monitor ‘000s of racks from a single location.
Standards & Compliance:
  • CE, RoHS
  • EMC - FCC Part 15 Class 2
  • Operation ETS 300 019 Class 3.2
  • Transportation ETS 300 019 Class
  • Storage ETS 300 019 Class 1.2


SR-210: Smart Rack Unit Application Diagram
Application diagram showing the IR-276 NTP client port synchronized to an NTP Server and 4 x IRIG-B outputs synchronized to NTP timecode


Data Sheet (PDF)